Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards | Printable


Introducing our Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards

Your daily dose of encouragement and positivity on the path to healing! These printable affirmations are carefully crafted to be your uplifting companions as you navigate the journey of addiction recovery.

Benefits of the Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards

Our Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards are designed with warmth and understanding, embracing you like a supportive friend. Each card is a powerful reminder that you’re not alone in this journey – a tangible source of inspiration that fits right into your daily routine. Features: – Professionally curated affirmations tailored for addiction recovery – Beautifully designed for a visually uplifting experience – Print as many copies as you need – your support system, your way – Convenient size for on-the-go motivation  

How Will These Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards Solve Your Problem?

Overcoming addiction is a continuous journey that requires ongoing motivation and support. Our affirmation cards provide:

  • Daily Encouragement: Quick and easy access to positive affirmations that help you stay motivated.
  • Emotional Strength: Reinforces positive thinking and resilience, helping to manage stress and triggers.
  • Therapeutic Aid: Complements therapy sessions by providing consistent emotional support.
  • Convenient Resource: Portable design ensures you can have your affirmations with you whenever you need them.

  Specification A link will be provided to download the following: X 2 Printable Sheets in PDF in A4 and US Letter Size Each page contains 4 cards, for a total of 21 pages and 84 cards. 84 JPG Files of each individual card Variety of different colours available in my shop How to use: 1. Print your favourite affirmation cards. 2. Place them where you’ll see them regularly – your desk, bedroom, or wallet. 3. Take a moment each day to read and internalize the positive messages. 4. Feel the empowering impact as you progress on your recovery journey. Embrace the strength within you and let these affirmations guide you toward a brighter tomorrow. Remember, every small step counts, and you’ve got a community of positivity cheering you on!  


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